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Performance Over Hype: Why should you carry or support IA?

Right now you might be asking yourself this very question. The answer is simple, but the reasoning behind it is rather complex. You see, we at Incriminator Audio do not have the same mindset as our competition. Our idea of a successful business is not the bottom line. While it is important, it does not dictate what we define as success. A successful car audio manufacturer must create exceptional product on all levels – from quality to durability to customer satisfaction.

When the idea to create Incriminator Audio came, the whole concept was about breaking the mold that every other main stream company had established. How do you do that? You take your company in every direction that everyone else refuses to go.

First, you brand yourself with something that is totally different, not something that is cookie cutter and looks like a team of branding and marketing specialists would create to fit any demographic. You take a bold logo that will stick out in any place and put a brand name on top of it that sticks out as well. The thought of making a word stick out became so important to us that we just decided to make up a word….Incriminator. Ever heard it before? Didn’t think so.

Second, make a top quality product that can compete with anyone on any level and do it at a price point that makes everyone do a double take. Over build, Over Deliver, and Under Price – not something that fits the mold of main stream car audio. So, to reinforce that mindset, we started the theme of “No Chrome, No Carbon Fiber, No BS!! Period….”. While other companies spend money making their products pretty, we spend ours making them the most powerful and most durable by using the highest quality materials available.

Third, bring car audio back to the retail specialist. How do you do that? Simple, you don’t sell out for money! You will NEVER see our name listed in a wholesale catalog. This country was built of brick and mortar, and Incriminator Audio will be built the same. As a dealer, you should never have to worry about a customer being able to order online cheaper than they can buy it from you. Our promise to you is to stand behind our word, and never sell out.

In conclusion, we at Incriminator Audio would like to say thank you for your interest in carrying our brand. It is retailers like yourself that keeps this industry alive, and without you, companies like us would not be able to survive. We ensure our success by seeing to it that the local retailer is able to run a successful business. At Incriminator Audio you could sum our whole company’s philosophy into one word – Passion. We are enthusiasts true and true, we live, eat, and breathe car audio. That passion spills over into the products that we produce and the end results are products that can be sold in your store or retail counter with pride, while still making a profit and leaving the customer beyond satisfied.


Incriminator Audio, LLC
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Why Choose IA?

We are enthusiasts true and true, we live, eat, and breathe car audio. That passion spills over into the products that we produce and the end results are products that are Over built, Over Deliver, and Under Priced. More...

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