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January Edition

Issue:  017

Wow, 2015 was an amazing year for Incriminator Audio!  We introduced several new products such as our new line of components and our DPX Pro Driver.   This New Year will be the year of innovation.  We promise to offer several new lines of sub woofers and amplifiers! We are excited to bring you new "game changing," products that will surpass anything ever released by not only Incriminator Audio but by the whole car audio industry! Incriminator Audio will continue to lead the market in product innovation while providing the absolute best service to our customers!  In 2016, we are not just stepping up our game, we are CHANGING THE WAY THE GAME IS PLAYED!!  Performance > Hype!


The very first IA80.1 was designed from the ground up as the solution to ultra-high power needs in a compact foot print. After countless hours of R&D, SplitForce Technology was developed to do just that. SplitForce Technology is a patent pending approach developed by Incriminator Audio to create more powerful amplifiers with a smaller footprint. SplitForce divides the power supply section and the audio section into two halves and places them on top of each other in a vertical configuration, and uses link cables to attach the two sides together creating a working unit that can function like existing amplifiers, while both sides have their own PCB. The end result is an amplifier that is 50% smaller in length, while still maintaining the ability to strap or link amplifiers. The additional two inches in height allows space to add many extra features such as an onboard voltage display, remote indicator (REM-I) plug which allows you to monitor the status of your amplifier from another location such as the dash or podium of your vehicle, three extra cooling fans, segmented power and ground connections. This unit has all the features, function, and power you need on the streets or in the lanes.

  • Digital Class-D Linkable Mono Block Amplifier
  • Patent Pending SplitForce Technology
  • Dual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
  • 1 Ohm Stable Topology / 19 Volt Stable
  • Input Voltage Display / REM-I Remote Indicator Status
  • Heavy Duty 3 Oz Copper Layer Double Sided Epoxy PCB
  • Extremely High Tolerance Electrical Components For Reliability
  • Proprietary Custom Tooled Heatsink with Onboard PCB Support For Vibration Resistance
  • High End Silver Tiffany RCA Inputs with Metal Potentiometers
  • Segmented Black Molded Oversized 1/0 Power and Ground Inputs
  • 4 AWG Speaker Connections
  • Advanced Strapping with Mirror Technology
  • Multi-Layer Bullet Proof Protection Circuit
  • Remote Bass/Gain with Clipping Indicator
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
16 Volt Car Audio System SLAMMIN BASS w/ Matts 15" Incriminator Warden Subs & IA 40.1 Reserve Amps

Click the image above for video:  A blast from the past!

Are you interested in becoming a part of Team Incriminator?  Incriminator Audio is pleased to announce our new dealer program for the 2015-2016 year. We now have new price incentives, as well as other attractive advantages, that we are excited to offer our dealers.  

Why choose Incriminator Audio?   We value our dealers and know that its the retailers that keep this industry alive, and without you, companies like us would not be able to survive. We offer many incentives to ensure your success. You will NEVER see our name listed in a wholesale catalog. We believe in our Brick and Mortar dealers.  As a dealer, you should never have to worry about a customer being able to order online cheaper than they can buy it from you.  We know you’re in the business of making money, so we give our dealers extensive discounts off of Dealer pricing.  Our freight policy ensures that you will never have to worry about shipping cost.  We offer two levels of territory protection. We also supply promotional items to help you sell.  We offer three different buy-in programs, in order to help you grow your business with Incriminator Audio, and we know that one of our programs will meet your needs.  Click the banner above to request additional information.

Incriminator Audio would like to congratulate Justin Dohrmann for his impressive showing at the 2015 Car Audio World Finals Championship.   Justin took home First place in MECA Street One with a score of 149.1 decibels on a single Death Penalty 18.  In 2014, Justin placed Second at World Finals in MECA Amateur Street One with a score of 141.8 with a Death Penalty 15.   Justin has competed in over forty shows in his young two year career.  In 2016, Justin plans to compete in Modified Street One with an IA Warden 21. 

We asked Justin why he chose to use Incriminator Audio products and this is what he had to say:  “I chose to use Incriminator Audio products because they are built well.  They handle anything I can throw at them.  I am really impressed with the sound quality that I can achieve at both low and high power. I’m proud to say that for the last 2 years I have worked hard to try to be a part of Incriminator Audio and after over 40 shows and a World Championship trophy I have now been accepted onto Team Incriminator Audio and I am very happy that I have.”

We have noticed Justin’s hard work and are proud to have him as a Team Incriminator member!  Congratulations again Justin and good luck in 2016!

Our C.E.O. Nicholas Wright and Scottie Johnson of XS Power making things happen at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
December 14, 2015 - Daytona Beach, FL - The mobile electronics event that kicks off the spring car audio selling season is on its way to celebrate its 30th year. On March 19 - 20, 2016, SBN EXPO Group will produce its annual event at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida. “We’re thrilled to reach this milestone of the event that has served the industry for so long”, says event founder Paul Papadeas. “Every year, we offer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers the opportunity to come together at this industry institution to network, sharing information, training and consumer exposure. Our industry has changed over the years; we’ve modified and adapted the event to the contemporary needs of industry. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for continuing Dealer education and consumer exposure to our category. To do all this in a fun-filled environment is unique and I feel that we have that under wraps.”

The two-day event will host the most progressive brands in industry. “I’m thrilled that companies use SBN / ICE as their Southeast Mobile E trade show” says Papadeas, “it shows that they take stock in their Dealer’s success. Within the 30 years of our events, supporting brands have found the value of SBN/ICE coming face to face with Dealers and their customers, the networking opportunity is great.”.

For 2016 SBN EXPO Group, LLC turns back the calendar on exhibiting costs to reflect those set over 2 decades ago. “Our goal, Papadeas said, “is to offer the best exposure for the brands that haven’t yet experienced the potential of our event and at the same time reward the dozens that have over our 30 years.”

An Industry Gala is planned for the event’s Saturday night with details to come. For more information on the 30th Annual SBN / ICE please contact SBN EXPO Group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit or call 386 767 3030.

So.... What happened to holding SBN 2016 at the SPEEDWAY? 

December 1, 2015  Daytona Beach, FL  -   Several SBN insiders had assumed correctly that SBN was going to produce the SPL demos and competitions at the Daytona International Speedway for 2016. …and now the news… SBN / will be held at the Ocean Center, March 19-20, 2016. 
Plans to bring the SBN, Demo/SPL events to the Daytona International Speedway alongside the Daytona Beach Street Rods’ Spring Turkey Run Car show were halted by a date change. The Spring Turkey Run car show occupies more than half of the Daytona International Speedway. 
To avoid holding the event on Easter Sunday, the Spring Turkey Run was scheduled March 18-20, 2016.  Turkey Run vendors convinced the organization to keep the traditional schedule dates of the last weekend in March. The Spring Turkey Run will be held on Easter Sunday, March 25-27, 2016. 
In 2017 we will give the Speedway another go...
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